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Who is Leonardo OasiHouse?

... is an innovative brand that only signs the creation of Villas of Excellence. It brings together a pool of prominent creatives, professionals and companies who have been operating in real estate for decades.

We have brought together the best skills to create the most beautiful and performing Villas. We have created a new concept of home: the Leonardo OasiHouse. Exclusive Wellness Oasis. Specialized in the creation of Eco-sustainable Exclusive Villas, for demanding people, in Italy and Switzerland, all our villas are delivered turnkey, completely finished internally and externally. They have zero environmental impact and the best energy performance. They are completely safe houses in all respects.

We love beauty and challenges. Whatever the most original architecture is requested of us, we can design and build it. We design results and benefits suitable for creating a better quality of life. We act with the same passion that you dedicate to those you love. We take care of every step down to the smallest detail to give you pleasant surprises.

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Our Specialities

Exclusive Design & Construction

A single interlocutor from the project through to delivery. 100% care of construction details.

BioArchitecture of Excellence

Energy class A4, ecological materials that are not subject to decay and recyclable.

Taylormade Details

Our proposed models of villas, already complete, can be customized to your liking.

Safety & Health

Anti-seismic, anti-intrusion and electromagnetic pollution protection. Purified air.


Innovative Villas

State-of-the-art, eco-sustainable, innovative, comfortable and healthy villas.

Green Energy

Villas that produce and manage the energy necessary for their functions.

Balanced Spaces

Optimal division of the premises, attention to the needs and comfort of the family