"Whatever good things we build, it builds us up"

Jim Rohn, american entrepreneur

what do we do different?

We perform the highest construction level for our customers to offer the best performance

Professional Responsibility

Our Policy N°1 : Always Deliver What We Promise, a sales-pitch does not constitute value or future, neither for us nor for our customers.

Dedication & Passion

Happiness does not come from owning a large number of things, but comes from pride in a job well done.

Our Job

To satisfy our client beyond his expectations ...

We Build Fantastic Spaces

of pure air and natural light. Living spaces in which to feel pleasure. Ecological environments, indoors and outdoors, in which to experience wonderful emotions ...

We Create Oases Of Wellness

100% customizable with indoor, outdoor or without swimming pool

We Create Independent Villas

to feel Free! We build incredible homes for you to enjoy an unforgettable vacation every day: Your Life!

We Study and Research the Most Powerful Performances

We discover and develop futuristic innovations at the service of well-being

Our Research & Development Section

is constantly committed to researching and developing the most advanced technologies for modern construction to obtain safe "Zero Impact" buildings projected into the future.

We Use a Patented Construction System

for the best performance. We deliver completely finished Villas. Nothing excluded. We build with the best materials and technologies to give superlative performance beyond "market standards".

" The Leonardo OasiHouse Exclusive Villas are the result of the research and development of innovative sustainable building systems, carried out by creative architects and engineers who have participated in some of the largest international projects. "


Leonardo OasiHouse®