Building a villa /house on owned land

The dream of many, to be able to build the villa of their dreams on their own land.

Do you have your own land for construction and would like to build a quality green building villa on it and have a qualified builder by your side?You are in the right place!

Today the attention of those preparing to carry out such an operation is placed on the best existing green building houses. These buildings must possibly be anti-seismic, with zero impact, energetically passive, fully Electric… Well, after extensive research and time spent in front of the computer on the Internet, you have come to the conclusion that the house of your dreams either you build it yourself or you can't find it on the free market, right?

You will certainly have seen some nice constructions but when you go to deepen there is always something out of place, something missing, something they didn't foresee; something out of tune that just doesn't go down well with you...

Without a shadow of a doubt yours is a truthful conclusion and probably the best green building home builders didn't think like you or maybe they went a bit on saving money. At this point a rather serious problem arises in you: you have to find a builder who can interpret your tastes and needs and who is able to create a building that corresponds exactly to the characteristics you have always dreamed of and planned to have.

Leonardo OasiHouse®, is an avant-garde brand made up of professionals aware of what has just been written above. The company has taken the trouble to directly carry out surveys on potential "demanding" customers, to find out what TRULY and ACTUALLY matters for a candidate for the construction of a Leonardo OasiHouse® villa.

To meet your needs and expectations we build luxury villas. We have carefully chosen the best; we have created a super safe, anti-seismic and energetically extraordinary house. Although finishes and technologies have always been our overall goal, we have never lost sight of the aesthetics, the beauty, the usability of an accommodation, the practicality that every woman seeks in the home she has always wanted.


These villas are not serial projects…

Some might say that we have numerous models that can be replicated and this is true! Except, however, that every family rightly requires customizations that will never be equal to other choices... Clearly we always start somewhere, right? Leonardo OasiHouse® boasts an internal pool of creatives who have been working in the real estate field for several decades and whose experience is truly remarkable.

This is made available to our esteemed customers when we have to customize one of our splendid models for you so as to build it exactly as you have thought and imagined it. The purpose of Leonardo OasiHouse® is to create the best houses existing on the market today, which go beyond the normal standards or what is considered good quality.

Starting from the planning, the finishes, the choices of materials and the design, this new brand, in addition to taking into account the aesthetics and functionality of its projects, builds completely anti-seismic villas, protected from radon gas, protected from electromagnetic pollution, all on one level, self-sufficient from an energy point of view and in energy class A4. We're really talking about building the villa you've always wanted, not one iota less…

The selected craftsmen, the workers, the materials, the finishes, are really at the top! The outer walls of the villas are built using a patented anti-intrusion system (45 cm thick), super thermally and acoustically insulated. Even the internal walls (the plankings) are well insulated and will reduce household noises allowing the children to play or otherwise carry out the normal activities of young people without disturbing the adults!

Now I could go on to further list what we have foreseen in these buildings but, aware of the limited means used here, I don't want to bore you and I invite you to contact us directly to receive our live presentation and TOUCH WITH HAND a Leonardo OasiHouse®.

Thank you for the attention you have given me so far and we look forward to seeing you as soon as possible for a meeting with one of our exclusive partners and OasiHouse® villa dealers!