Controlled mechanical ventilation (CMV), what is it, is it useful?

The air you breathe...

We Human beings are increasingly aware that the environment around us is polluted and the air we breathe in our cities is not so beneficial or healthy. Then when we are within our home we feel protected and safe... But is that really the case?

The premise above is dutiful and worthy of attention since each of us feels safe and protected when we are at home. In fact, our beautiful homes represent for our intimacy, an oasis, a place to relax from the strain of work and stress...

When we are sitting on our sofa we feel at ease and we are sure that we are benefiting from the ideal environment that we have created within our home walls!

Unfortunately the reality is quite different and unhealthy air is always lurking: cigarette smoke (a main pollutant), various types of detergents used for the most varied uses, candles that are not exactly healthy, incenses, etc... Environmental pollution not only affects the exterior but is even more interesting in the interior of our homes which are small or in any case confined and highly isolated spaces (especially new-concept/construction buildings). These places, not having the right ventilation (it's cold outside and the tendency is to stay warm) become highly polluted places at the risk for human health.

For this problem, the Higher Institute of Health has set up a National Study Group on indoor pollution in homes with the aim of providing effective data for the adaptation of Italian regulations to community standards and to promote information activities for citizens in order to avoid risks associated with incorrect behavior that causes pollution inside homes.

In addition to the forms of pollution mentioned above, there are many possibilities of creating a truly unhealthy environment due to behaviors or implemented factors, such as the habit of not ventilating the rooms adequately when cooking, creating very high humidity in various ways which promotes the creation of dangerous molds for the respiratory tract, furthermore and not to be underestimated, there are highly harmful construction materials, furniture produced using chemical agents deadly for Man, vapors that are released from the chemical products used…

Leonardo OasiHouse, attentive to human health and having the aim of creating a real oasis of well-being for the inhabitants of the houses it promotes, inserts in each villa a complex centralized Controlled Mechanical Ventilation system suitable to avoid the above.

In particular, our systems, in addition to constantly changing the air in every single room 24 hours a day, filter it by purifying it, constantly dehumidify the environment from excessive accumulated humidity and, very importantly, do not cool the rooms even if the outside temperature is zero degrees. This happens because the advanced system used, through a heat exchanger, during the expulsion of polluted air captures the heat present inside the house during the expulsion (created using energy resources) and releases it into the fresh air , filtered, clean, dehumidified which it introduces into the home recovering even up to 96% of the heat. Unbelievable but true!

This advanced technological system allows, in addition to the psychophysical well-being to always breathe pure air, a considerable energy saving since those who normally care about their health and often refresh the air in their house disperse a considerable quantity of heat, paid for at a high price, when they open the windows!

Leonardo Oasihouse® is officially committed to creating the best home you could wish for!

Controlled Mechanical Ventilation frees us from the necessity of opening our homes in winter when it's very cold, gives us an ideal environment in which to live and raise our children and maintains the comfort created through heating. Furthermore, which is not negligible, when we go away for a long time the house stays alive because it breathes and no strange smells or dangerous molds are created which we would then find on our return.

Another non-negligible aspect is that its use costs nothing because the energy used for its operation is really modest and with a few Watts it is possible to manage everything even remotely.