Heating and cooling - The ideal domestic climate

Which type of heating installation to choose for a truly healthy and comfortable environment?

The technologies used today in heating/cooling systems are many and different... Leonardo OasiHouse® offers the best while having its own preferences...

We were used to radiators in aluminum, cast iron, steel and so on and so forth and the disputes were between which was the best metal... Radiators represented a big leap forward compared to fireplaces, wood stoves and other systems which, despite being effective heating, lacked practicality, functionality, uniform diffusion of heat and caused atmospheric and household pollution.

The Leonardo OasiHouse® villas are designed to give unprecedented thermal comfort thanks to a healthy and controlled environment that takes into account comfort as well as practicality. When we talk about comfort, we cannot overlook the temperature, the humidity of the air, the uniformity of the temperature in the various areas of a room or its stratification. These are very important factors in a home that can make you feel (thermally) comfortable or completely uncomfortable.

With the awareness that every human being is unique and in full respect of individuality and tastes, Leonardo OasiHouse® offers the possibility to choose between 3 types of Heating/Cooling Systems:



The TRADITION PACKAGE consists of:

✓ Underfloor heating

✓ Underfloor cooling

✓ Ducted Controlled Mechanical Ventilation

✓ Hygrometer for humidity control which takes place thanks to Controlled Mechanical Ventilation



✓ Air-to-air heat pump for heating and cooling

For those who need a responsive system to quickly reach the desired temperature in heating or cooling, they can choose ducted air conditioning with cold air and hot air, integrated with Controlled Mechanical Ventilation, complete with Hygrometer for humidity control. Summer and winter air conditioning integrated with CMV, as well as being decidedly quick in achieving its objectives, combines the functionality of air conditioning with the comfort of Controlled Mechanical Ventilation.



✓ Ducted Controlled Mechanical Ventilation, complete with hygrometer for humidity control

✓ Long Wave Infrared Radiant Panels

For better comfort and health, infrared heating takes place through the radiation of bodies which then transmit heat to the surrounding environment. The sun is the main infrared heater: it heats up streets, houses and all bodies exposed to its rays. Man feels the sensation of heat when he is exposed to the sun's rays.

If one goes into the shade one will feel less heat than when one is in the sun, but if one measures the air temperature it will be the same in the shade or in the sun. The sun does not heat the air, it radiates and heats the objects which in turn transmit heat to the environment.

The infrared heating systems chosen by us work in the same way, designed and built by an excellent all-Italian company. The Celsius® and Fahrenheit® Radiant Panels, 100% Made in Italy, thanks to a unique patented ultra-performing technology, heat environments and objects in a uniform and homogeneous way up to 12 meters away. They control and maintain the relative humidity constant, they do not burn oxygen, they are economical and ecological. This type of heating gives health benefits because it keeps the relative humidity constant and significantly increases living comfort. Radiant panels are used therapeutically to prevent or treat rheumatic or cold pains. The infrared does not create air flows and therefore does not raise dust, those with respiratory tract problems and those suffering from asthma find great benefit. Contact lens wearers will feel the considerable benefits of a cleaner environment with constant humidity. In addition, the long-wave infrared effect activates the rehabilitation of the muscles before sport and helps prevent muscle tears.


Classic radiator heating:

1. Radiator heating heats the air in layers

2. Warm air tends to rise creating a thermal difference between the floor and the ceiling

3. The surfaces furthest from the heat source cool the air which tends to descend

4. The human body perceives the movement of air and heat in an uneven way with a relative feeling of discomfort


Heating via Long Wave Infrared Panels:

1. The Celsius® and Fahrenheit® panels emit infrared radiation, which heats by radiation

2. The infrared of Celsius® and Fahrenheit® heats any surface (floor, walls, ceiling) body or object up to 12 meters from the source with an ultra-performance technology

3. Since the air is not stratified, the temperatures inside the room remain constant from floor to ceiling

4. The human body perceives constant heat resulting in a feeling of well-being and the walls, being warmer than the air in the room, remove condensation and the formation of mould


Leonardo OasiHouse® is officially committed to creating the best home you could wish for!

To conclude this article, the Leonardo OasiHouse® villas have a very high level of thermal insulation and regardless of your tastes and which type of heating technology you prefer in your home, the temperatures selected and reached will be maintained for a long time at inside the premises, thus allowing you to save energy and money. Controlled Mechanical Ventilation has the purpose of allowing air exchange without opening the windows, recovering the heat produced, thus further favoring the maintenance of the temperature and humidity obtained thanks to the system itself, avoiding unnecessary heat loss.